For those who travel to Vietnam for the first time, for those who would like to dive into the effervescent life of the young cities or to the sweetness of the rural hamlets, we present you some tips to circulate like a real Vietnamese.

On top of popular transportation such as cycling, scooter, bus, taxi, you can find special means such as:

  • Motorbike taxi or Xe Om (hugging motorbike):

You can easily recognize a man who is a motorcycle taxi, on the sidewalk. He always keeps 2 helmets beside him, sometimes he is lying on is moped with a hat covering his face, sometimes he is siting with cross-leg on the pillion holding a cigarette in his hand. They can be in a group playing chess next to their motorbikes. It is absolutely necessary to bargain the price before going and then pay on arrival. With good negotiation skills, the cost for a motorbike taxi will be 4 times cheaper than a regular taxi. With bad skills it can be higher than a taxi fair, it’s all on you….

  • Lambretta :

You can find Lambrettas in the suburbs, not in the city center. The rate is similar to the public bus although it is less comfortable and it makes too much noise. For travelers who like photography and for those who have trouble with closed bus, the Lambretta will suit you as you get fresh air and can take beautiful pictures while sitting.

  • Rickshaw:

It will be very unfortunate if you don’t try a rickshaw tour during your stay in Vietnam. They are numerous in Hue, Hanoi and Hoi An city. While on a rickshaw, you will dive into the craziness of the traffic and discover lots of things that will make your trip incredible!

  • Horse carriage:

The horse carriage in Dalat is romantic and decorated with beautiful ribbons. Very amusing rhythmed by the horse’s steps. This horse cart is ideal for wedding trips.

  • Pirogue:

Poetic and mysterious pirogues slowly moved like a flower on the river. That is a typical image of the highlands in the center of Vietnam.

  • Vélo-lanpau :

You can see numerous vélo-lanpau in the Mekong Delta – a simple but charming way to get around.