Live like a Vietnamese: get up early, around 5 am, do some exercise in a park, eat a bowl of “Pho” for breakfast and stroll on the sidewalks enjoying a drink. What kind of drinks do locals like to drink? Which of our suggestions would you choose?

1. Chè nóng – Hot tea:

You can see this type of tea in northern Vietnam, and more specifically in Hanoi. The image of an old lady sitting on a small wooden stall holding a cup of hot tea in one hand and a tobacco pipe in the other. This is a daily scene that you can witness on every street corner and that will touch you. And you, would you like to enjoy a cup of hot lotus or jasmine tea and smoke a pipe while chatting with friends?

Hot Tea

2. Trà đá – Iced tea:

In southern Vietnam, you can order “Trà đá” everywhere: in a restaurant, an ice cream parlor, a bakery, a coffee shop, etc. Iced tea is essential for locals who drink more ice tea than water. The reason is simple, it’s fresh, quickly served, inexpensive (or even free), and it helps quench your thirst quickly.

3. Nước mía – Sugar cane juice:

Listen patiently to the sound of a machine-pressed sugarcane on a sunny afternoon as you taste this typical and popular juice. In addition to its great taste, sugar cane juice is excellent for health thanks to its natural sugar. It gives a lot of energy but it also prevents certain diseases like kidney stones, diabetes, jaundice, flu, etc.

4. Coffee – coffee:

You can easily find a small cup of hot black coffee in Hanoi or a large glass of café au lait. Each day this drink is consumed by the locals at different times of the day and on occasions. This is why many coffee shops are open all over the cities. Coffee can be enjoyed everywhere: in a park, on a stool, on the sidewalk or even standing against a wall. Coffee is one of the reasons why the Vietnamese people are so energetic. You should also know that Vietnam is one of the world’s largest coffee exporters.


5. Soy milk:

In addition to soy milk, you can also find peanut milk or green bean milk in carts on the sidewalks. Take a glass of hot or iced soy milk according to your taste. Do not hesitate to ask to take your drink.

6. Salted lemon:

Almost all street vendors have salted lemon in their carts. This type of juice helps refresh the body after walking for hours under a blazing sun. And you know what ? Drinking salted lemon juice is one of the best ways to lose weight. Try it with ice, sugar, water and this drink will awaken your senses.

7. Sinh Tố – Fresh fruit juice:

If you want to have beautiful skin, fresh fruit juices are perfect. There are several types, but we recommend coconut juice with peanuts or sapodilla juice with coffee. The local favorite juice is avocado milk juice.

8. Rau má, dắp cá, and other juices made from roots or leaves:

After trying all these popular drinks in our country, do not hesitate to try a little strange drinks made of plants. This type of drink can be difficult to drink at first because you are not used to it. But it’s really good for your health, and why not be a little adventurous?

9. The last drink !!!!

We recommend that you drink mineral or spring water. Water is the best choice for our body and is essential in a country as warm as ours.

 Pay attention ! Do not drink all these drinks in one day, your stomach will be upset! HEALTH !!