Images Travel Sustainability Achievements

Images Travel Sustainability Achievements

As a travel agency involved in responsible tourism, Images Travel is committed to improve its sustainability policy. To that end, a coherent set of actions have been implemented in order to keep improving the sustainability aspect and the quality of our travels, and we do not intend to stop off the way !

Here are the main achievements realized as part of our commitment towards a more sustainable tourism :

– As our team is expanding, in January 2020 Images Travel moved in a new building adapted to the company needs. On this occasion we have invested in resistant and isolating materials but also in renewable energies with the installation of 47 solar panels!

Every purchase is thought carefully. When buying electronic equipment, one of our main criteria is the energy consumption. When possible equipment and supply are bought in bulk to reduce over-packaging.

– A waste sorting and waste reduction policy has been implemented in the premises of our company but also on all our tours! (E.g: reduction of plastic waste, reduction of paper use…)

The Co² emissions of our incentive trips are calculated and taken into account. Our goal is to reduce them as much as possible.

Images travel encourages the use of the train or the coach for short or medium-haul trips and the use of the plane only for long-haul trips.

Some of our tours have been revised to favor excursions that are respectful of the local populations and the wildlife. (E.g: out off the beaten path excursions, tours with animals are avoided or chosen carefully.)

Raising awareness is a central part of our project : we communicate on a regular basis on sustainability issues with our employees, our partners but also with our customers.

The relation with our partners has been strengthen with the integration of a contract amendment on the topic of sustainability: reduction of our environmental impact, employee rights, protection of children from sexual abuse.

Accommodations are carefully chosen: they shall respect the local communities as well as the wildlife of the surroundings. We encourage the accommodations we work with to adopt better practices regarding environmental issues. (E.g: by favoring local production, by maintaining a reasonable temperature in the room, by washing sheets and towels only on customer demand.)

– Our qualified guides are aware of the sustainable policy conducted by Images Travel. One of their role is to relay information to our customers regarding do’s and don’ts, environment protection and forbidden souvenirs.

Images Travel is also committed in different projects to support local communities: Le Binh school and the Muong Village projects. The company supports also the Hoa Mai and Huong Duong orphanages, and participates in one-time actions such as clean-up initiatives.