Are you planning your next family vacation? Vietnam is certainly one of the best destinations for families with children of all ages. But the long journey might be a deterrent. Even if you fly directly from Frankfurt, it takes about 12 hours to get there. Half a day on the plane with young children, most parents start to ponder. But a vacation in Vietnam is worth the long journey! You will not regret it as the next day you will have forgotten the lack of sleep on the plane and the glances of other passengers at your children.

What makes Vietnam an attractive family destination?

First of all, the child-friendliness of the Vietnamese. The family is really important to the Vietnamese. The family not only includes close relatives as in Europe, but also distant ones, often beyond the 5th generation. Children are welcome everywhere in Vietnam. Already at the check-in at the hotel, no matter which category, you will notice that the children are welcomed and the staff will try to make their stay as pleasant as possible. Families with children are usually welcomed with a huge smile in restaurants and on excursions.

Ha Long, Vietnam

But not only the child-friendliness of the locals speaks for a vacation in Vietnam. The country has much more to offer. In a few countries, adventure and relaxation can be combined as well as in Vietnam. You can explore hidden caves in national parks, take mud baths, swim at the feet of waterfalls, and cycle through rice fields. The more than 3000 km long coast offers numerous sandy beaches where the whole family can relax.

Another reason for a trip through the land of the dragon is that children can learn more about a completely different culture in an immersive way. Parents and children can stay overnight in a house on stilts, watching or helping the inhabitants in their daily activities. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Of course before travelling through Vietnam, some things need to be taken into account. So you should not only pack sunscreen and mosquito protection, but also a child seat for the car or a bicycle helmet. In Vietnam there is no seat belt required for children, usually they just sit on their parents’ lap. We also recommend to do a bit of grocery shopping in the big city supermarkets as the Vietnamese countryside does not have as many grocery stores.

It is also important to plan many long breaks. The sunny weather and the new environment let the little ones feel sleepy. You can do it like the Vietnamese; Get up early and take a long lunch break from around 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. So you will avoid the warmest time of the day and be ready to continue your journey!