In the centre, Mandalay economic capital and its numerous cultural sites. The Inle Lake and its fishermen using traditional techniques. Bagan and its forest of temples, stunning archaeological site.
In the south, Yangon the biggest city of the country with its colonial architecture and numerous pagodas.
Myanmar, a country between southern and southeast Asia that got influenced by both sides. The borders have been opened to tourist only recently, guarantee of authenticity!
Travel to Myanmar with Images Travel give your customer the opportunity to discover the breathtaking sites that the country has to offer without altering with its authenticity.

Bagan city is a rich and glorious place where 55 kings ruled consecutively for 12 centuries. This magical city is the largest and richest archaeological site in South-East Asia. Composed by a thousand of ancient monuments (from 9thto 13th centuries temples, pagodas, stupas, etc.) and numerous ruins that still exist nowadays. This city classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site is a destination holding numerous statues of Buddha, paintings, traditional costumes, jewelry, wooden sculptures and lots of artefacts from ancient Bagan.

Located in the mountains of Shan State in eastern Burma. This freshwater lake is one of the top touristic destinations in Myanmar.
The villagers of this lake live together in houses on stilts emerging from the lake (especially in Inthas and Shans), they are all fishermen and farmers. They grow vegetables and fruits on floating gardens.
When you are at the Inle lake, it is interesting to spend your day in a real floating market. You will discover how the local people make trade on the lake by traditional boat, motorized canoes or also by standing on one leg at the stern and the other leg wrapped around the oar, this way of rowing is unique to the Inle Lake.

Located in the South of the Golf of Martaban, the region of Yangon is the most developed and the principal financial hub of the country. The majority of the businesses of the country are situated in the area.
However, agriculture, breeding and fishing are the main activities.
Many natural resources can also be found such as precious gems, gaz, precious metals, marble and precious wood (teck).
Benefiting of a tropical climate, there is only two season, the dry and the rainy season.
The average annual temperature is of 28ºC.

Myanmar :

Central Myanmar: Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake

Nov – Feb: 20 to 30 °C, dry, enjoyable, ideal.

Mar – May: 30 to 35°C, rather hot, dry.

June – Oct: 25 to 35°C, occasional showers.

Note: The rain between June and October greens everything, best time to visit natural sites.

Southern Myanmar: Yangon, Ngapaly Beach

Nov – Feb: 20 to 30 °C, dry, enjoyable, ideal.

Mar – May: 30 to 35°C, rather hot, dry. Ideal for beach holidays.

Mountain areas: Shan (Center-East) and Chin (Center-West) States and Kalaw

Nov – Feb: 5 to 25 °C, dry, enjoyable. Cold at night, make sure to have warm clothes.

Mar – May: 20 to 30°C, enjoyable, dry, ideal. Perfect for trekking.
Jun – Oct: 10 to 35°C, high humidity and cold in evenings, occasional showers.

Note: The Northern State of Kachin is difficult to access which is why it is not included in the itineraries. Can be included upon request for special trekking tours.