It has been almost two years since Images Travel achieved Travelife Partner award. It is therefore time to summarize the actions carried out over the past two years.

Our Travelife Certificate for 2019-2021

IN 2017

  • Following severe weather in Northern Vietnam, Images Travel organized a day at Mu Cang Chai to help people by distributing clothing and other items that were useful to landslide victims.
  • During this year, Travelife’s rules were implemented in the offices of Images Travel and Mekong Villages. The way of working and the working environment have therefore changed slightly. Staff have been trained in the basics of sustainable tourism.
  • The agency usually hosts trainees throughout the year. In 2017, a trainee went to an orphanage to teach French for two weeks.

In 2017, our actions focused on supporting populations in difficulty, implementing sustainable practices in the agency, and involving one of our trainees with children.

IN 2018

  • It’s in 2018, that we really improved our waste management in our agency and during our tours. We set up different bins to sort waste; a bin for plastic, one for paper and one for organic waste. Staff were also provided with a reusable water bottle to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles.
  • We continued to focus on helping local people by promoting homestay housing in our programs. As for example, with the village Ai that we helped to develop a few years ago.

The year 2018 was beneficial for the agency, we improved our practices in the agency, so it was mostly internal actions that took place. We also worked on highlighting homestays in our tours.

IN 2019

  • We organized several days of clean-up in the Mekong Delta. We realized these days in partnership with the community of volunteers Trashpackers. We support them in financing their projects and participating in several awareness-raising missions in several provinces of Vietnam.
  • Our guides have also started to offer our customers to pick up waste spontaneously during tours, this is of course not mandatory.

As for our 2019 actions, we have focused for the moment on the environmental aspect with our clean-up actions, but the year is not over yet, we hope to be able to add even more new actions to come for the good of our planet.

Over the past two years, we have decided to become involved in the development of responsible tourism, and also in support of local populations and in the preservation and protection of the environment. Here appear only our most consequent actions. We also work hard to integrate sustainable development practices into our day-to-day work management.

Images Travel is willing to set an example to improve the living conditions of people over the long term. Tourism is an activity that allows the country to develop quickly but we must be aware of the risks that our activity causes. It is in this sense that we have the duty to get the message across so that people are informed of what can be done to reduce our impact on different environments.

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