IMAGES travel gives your customers the chance to discover a great variety of typical dishes in our countries.

We always select local meals for our customers but can also provide western or over special meals upon request. We will also respect every specific diets and allergies and order meals accordingly.

A typical meal consists of 5 to 10 different dishes:

1/ Starter: A local soup or salad

2/ Two or three small dishes: Spring rolls, deep fried dishes, vegetables…

3/ Rice, noodle or bread (rarely)

4/ One or two main dishes with rice as a side

5/ Dessert: Fresh seasonal fruits or local pastries

Here are some examples of traditional dishes in each of our countries:


  • Pho is a traditional dish, soup of noodles mixed with beef or chicken.
  • Cao Lau, specialty of Hoi An. It’s composed of noodles, pork, soy…
  • Banh Xeo, kind of pancake filled with meat and vegetable.

It’s just an overview of the Vietnamese cuisine which is rich and varied.


  • Amok is fish or chicken curry steam cooked in a banana leaf. Coconut milk adds thickness to the dish.
  • Trey Aing is a dish composed of grilled fish
  • Samla Chapek is a pork soup

Cambodia’s cuisine is a mix of French, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai cultures. The dishes are often prepared with lemongrass, coriander, ginger…

Laos :

  • Khao niao is sticky rice that you can soak in your dishes.
  • Larb is the national dish, salad composed of shredded meat or fish, with vegetables. Very spicy!
  • Aw lahm is one of the specialties of Luang Prabang. It’s a soup cooked with wild chicken, miniatures eggplants and mushrooms.

Often diverse, the Laos cuisine is close from the Thai cuisine due to the use of chili and aromatic herbs.

Myanmar :

  • Considered as the National Dish of Myanmar, Mohinga is composed of rice vermicelli with fish gravy, usually mixed with coriander and chili powder.
  • Onnokauswe is a soup composed of thicker noodles with coconut milk and chicken.
  • Curry Myanmar is prepared with garlic, ginger, onion, curcuma, lots of oil and often with Ngapi, fermented fish paste or fermented shrimp paste.
  • Laphet is a salad composed of fermented tea leaves with different nuts, onions. beans, oil and garlic

The Burmese food is influenced by Chinese, Indian, and Thai cuisine.

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