Images Travel Sustainability Policy

Images Travel Sustainability Policy

Practical Steps:


  • All short and medium range business trips to be taken by public bus
  • Take part in business trips only when necessary
  • Using vehicles adapted to the group size for our tours for least ecological impact
  • Using alternative transportation for our tours when available
  • Using only national airlines which are more sustainable friendly than low-cost airlines
  • Minimizing our use of paper at the office and encourage re-use
  • Reduce the energy consumption at the office by managing the use of air conditioning and the lightning
  • Strict minimum use of water during our tours and in our office
  • Use of refillable water bottles at the office
  • Trashcans in our tour buses to avoid littering in the street/touristic sites
  • No unnecessary paper handouts given out to customers
  • Making sure the Five Animal Freedoms are respecting among our suppliers


  • Carefully selecting our suppliers to be environmental and local community friendly
  • Clear written contracts with all local services such as homestays
  • Give clear information to our customer to make sure that they behave in accordance to the local customs and in respect of the environment
  • Make healthcare available for all our staff
  • Make sure that our sustainability policy is clear for each member of our staff and make training available when necessary
  • Creating a good working environment for our staff throughout incentives and special celebrations
  • Prohibit the exploitation of workers and children in anyway, including human trafficking and sex tourism
  • Key sustainability results are published on our website every two years


  • Creation of homestays, developing a long-term source of income for locals
  • Using locally owned services for a better development of our local economy
  • Paying fair wages for all services in accordance with the standard of living
  • Training of local guides to build their knowledge and give them more opportunities
  • Strong position against corruption, a plague in most our countries
  • Community projects in schools and orphanages
  • Transparency policy with the repartition of benefits